It’s been a pretty good week so far..

Its around 8:00 p.m. on a rainy Thursday night. I’m just sitting on my bedroom floor, listening to music and writing this trying to forget that tomorrow I have to work from 5 in the morning till 7 at night. So here’s to 14 hours selling to donuts to disrespectful customers. I know that I said I was going to try and write in this blog everyday but clearly, I already failed.

I guess I should start this blog by explaining some stuff in my life and tell you guys some stories. So within the past week, Adam and I have made things official which is amazing. I’ve been hanging out with this amazing man pretty much everyday since we met a few days before Halloween. We talked about what was going on between us back in December/January and we agreed on just doing what we were doing and seeing where things led. That seemed like a good idea to me only for the sheer fact that it was either that or not hang out and I couldn’t lose him. This man has a part of me now and I don’t want him to ever give it back.

So we kept doing what we were doing and we grew closer and I fell even farther and harder for him. So our lives have changed immensely and his family has decided that they are moving to Mexico within the next year. Which means that Adam is moving as well and has asked me multiple times if I would move with him, as well as his family asking me. The other day he texted me and said that we needed to talk about future plans, as in Mexico which I agreed to talk about. So when I got to his house the other night, I brought it up and he said that he wants me to be living with him there no matter what. I didn’t want to even start to think about this decision until I knew that we were official. Theres no way that I could move across the world with someone who I knew there was no future. This is when he asked me to just be his girlfriend 🙂 “If you’re in Mexico, then I’m in Mexico,” is what I told him. So hey guys, I’m moving to Mexico at some point.

But this man is amazing. Its just the little things. The one thing that he said the other night that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. My mom has been pressuring me to get a factory job, and I told him that if I get one… I’ll hate my life. “If you stay with me, you’ll never hate your life.” You are perfect. I love you.

Peace out.



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