Everything has a purpose

You just left to go to work. I miss you the minute you leave me. I’ve had some shitty people come into my life and you are not one of those people. The minute I see you I feel safe. You give me a sense of comfort. I’m so in love with you that it scares me. You walked into my life at the exact moment that you needed to and I thank you for that.
Its not like I was in the bathroom at bars shooting up heroine. But I definitely was getting involved with other drugs and people that were slowly killing me.
The last person that I lived with was a major coke head and would always be doing that in our place. Her boyfriend didn’t help with the fact that he worked at a bar where he got free coke and she worked in a place that would give their employees coke for their shifts to get through them. Now, I’m not judging anyone at all for their choices or how they want to live their lives. I’m the last person to judge someone, I’ve went through shit in my life and I get it. I really do.
But I was starting to get involved with that and started to associate myself with all the wrong people. I’ve dated a coke head before and life was hard being involved with someone who you loved that was doing that. It’s hard to just be in their lives and not know how to really help them. I didn’t want to get back involved with that.
I started drinking basically every night and just experimenting with different things. And before all this I struggled with Adderall issues and muscle relaxers and pain pills. Its not like I had a huge problem but I was for sure taking them more than someone should that doesn’t actually need them. So after all this I’ve started to feel bad about myself and I was really down about everything… In summary, I wasn’t living a happy life.

Adam came into my life and it instantly improved. I am finally happy with myself, and the fact that he constantly makes me feel beautiful and needed/wanted is for sure helping that. He also helps me improve every day. He helped me quit smoking cigarettes after six years by getting me a vape and constantly motivating me and saying he’s proud.

So I guess basically everyone comes into your life at a specific time for a reason and maybe its not always a good thing but its for a reason. Think about it.



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