45 minutes feels like hours sometimes.

Most days we can work around our schedules so that I can stay with him. But there are some nights where that can’t happen and to be honest those are the hardest nights. I can’t fall asleep alone anymore. It’s so difficult knowing that I won’t wake up with your arms around me.
Sometimes when we partake in an edible Adam will just go to another world. So last night when we went to lay down, he pulled me in tight and I asked him if he was still on the same planet with me.. he told me he was. And in the cutest and most tired voice he says, “just lay with me, I like just laying with you.” My heart just filled up with so much happiness.

We can’t see each other for a few nights and when I told him he says, you’re going to forget about me. I could never forget you. You’re basically a part of me.



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