We were so when we thought we knew how to love.

Every day I wish I was laying on a beach with you in Mexico. I don’t want to live in this town anymore, work this job, or see these people. I’m over this life and am ready to start my new one with you by my side.
I know this is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’m leaving everything that I’ve known behind. And I’m doing this all because I couldn’t ever lose you and this is the only way that, that won’t happen.
I love and trust this man so much that if he asked me to move with him tomorrow, I wouldn’t even hesitate. I’d do anything or go anywhere that he asked me to. The other day someone said, “wow you must really trust and love this man.” That’s exactly it. I trust him more than I can even explain. He just makes me feel safe and like I’m the person I need to be.
I’ve been cheated on multiple times. It’s not a great feeling. I’d never put him through that. And I know he doesn’t do that to me. We’re just happy. I’ve never been able to confidently say that I know both people are happy together.
Just typing these words makes my heart happy.

So he had to work yesterday, so he dropped me off at 4. And then I worked early this morning… so I couldn’t stay with him. But he stopped at my apartment after he got off for basically 5 minutes to kiss me goodnight and it made me smile. He always does that when we can’t stay with each other and its super cute. It really is the little things that matter. So I work again at 6am tomorrow and he had off today so we haven’t seen each other today and we won’t and I’m super sad about it. But once I get off tomorrow, after Mother’s Day lunch.. I’m heading to his house and I’m way too pumped.

We’ve spent two nights in different beds and I don’t think that’s happened since we met in October. Its not May. We’ve never spent more than one night away from each other. So tomorrow it is going to be so good to fall asleep beside him.


So I’ve decided that blogging is going to be my hobby. Adam has one and its streaming so I think I need something.
Anyone reading this, go check out his stream. He’s pretty cute.


Peace for a few hours


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