I’m thankful that you stream when I’m not with you.

If I can’t fall asleep as dumb as it sounds, I turn his stream on. Just the sound of his voice helps me sleep. That kind of sounds pathetic as I’m typing it… but it’s the truth.

Plus, he loves this so much so it makes me happy to see him doing something he loves. He’s put so much effort into it that I’m so proud of him. He always apologizes for doing it so much and says that he’s annoying and I hate him. But just seeing him get excited over another follower or the fact that he has double digit viewer at one time makes it worth it.
People keep asking me how I can just lay in his bed for hours watching Netflix while he streams and I can because being with him while he’s doing that is better than not being with him.
Also, getting to lay down with him at the end of the night makes it all worth it.



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