Let’s talk about weight.

All my life I’ve been the chubby girl. I was overweight basically from fourth grade on. I always knew I was. My parents constantly told me I should join track and field. When I was in high school everyday these two or three guys in my homeroom would call me fat. Girls would tell me to eat salads instead of sandwiches.

Now it’s been six years since I graduated high school I’m down to my lowest weight I’ve been since probably sixth grade and I’m actually happy. I eat when I’m hungry and go for walks because I like to. Im not starving myself, I’m just losing weight by living my life. I walk everywhere and I don’t go to the gym, so I’m still exercising.


Now people are questioning me because they think I’m too small. Now people say things and it’s so annoying. No one is ever going to be happy so just live your life.

I’m at 130 pounds, I’m 5 foot six, and I’m 25. I’m happy and healthy. I’ve quit smoking and I barely drink. I eat food that I like and do things outside. I’m fine.  Haha yeah that sounds like a super personal dating profile, but I want you guys to know I’m healthy.

The other day Adam said, “don’t worry about others. They’ll put you down when you’re doing good because you’re doing good.”



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