I’m saying goodbye to 25 years of my life for one person.

Just one more day and then we will be on our way to Philly. This is needed. Last night when we were at his house we talked and figured out that we never really figured out what the plans were so we finally decided. Were just going to get up at a reasonable time and just head out then. Then once we get down there we are just going to walk around the city and then spend some time at the hotel before the show. It’s going to be a nice time, I’m really excited. I’m also really happy that I saw that the nerds were playing because they are his favorite and we get to go for his birthday.

I’m moving to a country with my boyfriend and his family. That’s it. I’m only going to know like five people in a whole country. That is probably one of the most terrifying things in the world. Also if you think about it, Adam and I only really know each other so I hope we start to make friends and meet people. Not that I wouldn’t be happy with just him but we need to meet people. Have some mutual friends. Another thing is I’m leaving everything behind. They aren’t because everything they know is moving with them, but that’s not my case. I am saying goodbye to 25 years of my life for one person. That is insane. Maybe a little crazy, but I do not care. I’d do it a million more times.
Adam and I also know no Spanish, cool.

Side note, my favorite thing in the world is when you lace your fingers through mine and pull me in… and just exhale.




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