I’ve fallen and I never want to get up.

Laying with you last night I knew that I had to tell you how I truly felt. We were laying down and I couldn’t stop fidgeting and he just pulled me in and was like, “just lay with me, you make me feel relaxed.”
That is one of the cutest things anyone has ever said to me. Just knowing that laying with me and having me in your arms makes you relaxed, makes me feel at ease. Having your arms wrapped around me makes me feel the same way. You make me feel a sort of way and its all good.

So after we had sex we were just laying there and I knew it was time. You laced your fingers in mine and pulled me in close. “Hey Adam.” “Yeah.” “I love you.” “Awe, I love you too.” My heart is so full. Then he said that he probably won’t say it all the time… which is fine with me. I said I just needed him to know though. I’ve never heard him say I love you to anyone… not even his family. So I felt like this was a huge step for him and that makes me the happiest. Knowing that he feels the same way. I knew he loved me, just by the way he treats me and acts. But I really just needed to hear it.
Yeah, I’ve said I love you to other boys but I honestly do not think I’ve ever meant it. If this is what true love feels like, I’ve never felt it before him.

I’ve fallen for this man and I never want to get back up.


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