As long as you’re here, I’ll be okay.

The other night he told me that I was his Clarke and he was my Bellamy. It’s from the show The 100. It was actually one of the cutest things to say to me. That show was like our show. He asked me a few days ago if we could be the couple who goes to one city more than the rest.. kind of like “our city.” Its so adorable that he’s happy with me and that we just are good together. I get so happy when I think about how perfect we are for each other. People always say everyone has a soul mate and now I believe that. It seems as though he was made for me and I was made for him.. A part of me was missing until he came along and now its not.

Oh myyyy… so his mom showed us the places that she’s thinking about at the moment. One is a beach side house and the other is basically a resort in the middle of the jungle. It is literally the most beautiful and amazing place I’ve ever seen. You guys have no idea how amazing this place seemed. We’d have an outdoor bar that she said Adam and I could take over. So obviously no one knows this but my goal in life is to own a bar…So that means my dream would come true in Mexico. It would be our bar and Adam would run the resort. Like our lives would be amazing. She said wed fix that up enough to rent out rooms and then get a whole new house to actually live in. So once the house is bought then we start renting it out. Adam and I could potentially end up being the sole people in charge of a resort/bar in the middle of Mexico. Do you guys realize how amazing that sounds? I know I’ve said that like 5 times in the past few sentences but I am potentially going to be having my biggest dream come true with the man that I love, I couldn’t be happier.

Random rant… If you guys are reading this and are single and using online dating websites. If you feel like its not working or you’re scared to try them. Go for it, you never know what will happen. It could be the best decision of your life. I met Adam on Tinder and its going great…

Ugh.. life is getting crazy dudes. But I need to finish my wine and try to make myself seem at least a little pulled together before he picks me up at 10. Which is in two hours. I got this.


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