We could have lived together 

A few months ago we talked about living together and we basically agreed that it wasn’t time. Well I didn’t completely agree with it. I was fine with moving in together because we basically live together as it is. 

I was just going to move in at your moms house with you. It was gonna be real simple but we said no. Now all of a sudden you’re saying that I could always live at your house. Your mom even said I could and said I should. I wouldn’t have to pay rent and all I’d have to move in is clothes. We’d always be able to see each other and it would be amazing. Well now I don’t know what to do. 

I don’t want to screw over my roommate but all together this is an amazing idea. He also was like well if we were going to stay in the US longer he’d just move in. Which made me so happy because it killed my fear of him just always wanting to live with his mom. 

It’d be amazing to have our own little place with our pets. We’d have breakfast together in our plant filled house. Watch movies in our underwear on a Wednesday night. Have our friends over for a night of drinking and chilling. My life would be perfect. 

Peace for now. 


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