“Miss my copilot though.”

You left today around 1:00 to go to Vegas till Tuesday. These next five nights are gonna be real hard actually. We haven’t spent more than two consecutive nights apart and now its going to be five. You told me that I could stay at your house any night that I needed to and I actually might. I want to just be sleeping in your bed. I miss you.

I sound pathetic. But its hard not seeing you. I’m going to start crying now. He said I love you as I was getting out of his car and said it before his flight took off through a text. I know it sounds so dumb to be like extremely happy that my boyfriend said I love you but I’ve never really dated a good guy before. It was never something I heard and now I hear it all the time and it just makes me happy. He’s actually one of the good ones. I’m so excited for him that he’s getting to go to Vegas and have a good few days but I miss him so much. I kind of wish he was holding me right now.


Peace for now


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